Following the enthusiasm and positive response to the 2015 ‘Speak Lord’ Bible Conference, the idea was raised to take this one step further and create a formal fellowship of Lutherans. This would consist of lay people and pastors who are interested in supporting the development of theological education opportunities and resources to benefit work and mission – in particular the work and mission of the evangelical Lutheran Church in Australasia, ethnic and Aboriginal missions in Australia and New Zealand, and Lutheran missions overseas.

Mission in the Lutheran Church

The Lutheran church has always had a passion for sharing God’s Word and its central message, the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our confidence rests in knowing that God promises to build his Church through the Gospel. This passion and confidence, through the working of the Holy Spirit, who also joyfully leads us to obedience to ‘the Great Commission’ Matthew 28:18-20, is what continues to drive this interest in maintaining and growing biblical teaching and confessional commitment within Australia, New Zealand and our nearest neighbours.

Within Australia and Papua New Guinea, there has been a rich history of this type of independent mission society contributing to the establishment and advancement of the Lutheran church. The Dresden, Leipzig, Neuendettelsau and Hermannsburg mission societies all provide a proven model that we are excited about re-establishing.

Why the ‘Creative Word Fellowship’?

This organisation has been entitled the ‘Creative Word Fellowship’, remembering Luther’s description of the Church as being a ‘creature of God’s Word, which is its maker’. The Word of God therefore is creative in its essence – through it the Holy Spirit creates faith, brings those who are spiritually dead to life, and incorporates new people into God’s kingdom. After all, only God – through His Word and the Holy Spirit – has the power to build the Church by opening eyes that have been blinded by sin to the light of salvation. As set out in its Confessional Commitment, the Fellowship is therefore committed to:

  • the Gospel of Jesus Christ
  • the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments – as the divinely inspired, written and inerrant Word of God
  • upholding the 1580 Book of Concord and the 1966 Theses of Agreement for the Lutheran Church of Australia and New Zealand
  • praying for the Church and the salvation of the lost
  • striving to speak, teach, disseminate, and enact God’s Word – and particularly the Gospel of Jesus Christ – trusting that God will use it to build his church

What do we want to do?

Founding members of the initiative see many opportunities for the Creative Word Fellowship, both in its own activities and by partnering with and supporting many other established organisations. Activities may include developing biblical resources, coordinating education opportunities (e.g. conferences) and providing scholarships or grants for further initiatives and study.

We are interested in exploring this with our possible partners and other people with a similar calling. If you would like to express an interest in being involved please click here.